1. My work with @brownbook magazine published. An advert I did for @creeksidedubai. #Dubai

  2. I truly believe traveling broadens the mind and only you can forge your own path in life.

    See the full image on my website (link in bio).

  3. A human emotion.

  4. Working on some new material about an emotion.

  5. @philipyarnelltattoos tattooed my ribs with his take of the ‘Tipu’s Tiger’. My favourite wood carving that lives at the V&A.

  6. The ad illustration I did for @Taqado published in a couple of magazines in #Dubai. An advert supporting the #WorldCupBrazil2014. See the printed version on our feed.

  7. Close up shot of ‘Professional Membership’ I did for #TheAssociationOfIllustrators branding.

  8. I’ve acquired six new friends for the rest of my life. 🐞
    Thanks again @philipyarnelltattoos

  9. Reading the current @kinfolk (Volume Twelve). So inspiring and captivating with its visuals and stories that go hand in hand.
    Chapter ‘Lines In The Sand’ is a beautiful story by @niravphotography

  10. I painted the boys this morning…

  11. #Repost from @Taqado.
    My work for @Taqado published in a couple of magazines in #Dubai. Advertising towards the #WorldCupBrazil2014 . —- Taqado y mΓ©dicos listos para triunfar!!!! #Mex #WorldCup2014

  12. A small extract from a current sketchbook. My gang of girls getting there funk on as always.

  13. Oh hi! from #Bournemouth everyone.

  14. One of the landmarks from a large Creekside Map (Dubai), I did for a client. Its been blown up at a colossal scale for a new restaurant wall.

  15. Reading the current @wrap_magazine (issue 10) and love everything about it!
    Also features @chiaozza awesome paper plants πŸŒ΅πŸ‘Œ