1. Vegan lunchtime in @Uherbivore and drawing on location while planning tonight’s shenanigans. #Toronto (at Urban Herbivore)

  2. Morning at @roostercoffee for coffee fun times and drawing on location while planning my day. #Toronto (at Rooster Coffee)

  3. Morning coffee at #DarkHorseExpressoBar and drawing on location while planning my day. #Toronto (at Dark Horse Espresso Bar)

  4. Loving life travelling somewhere between Montreal and Toronto with @shannonwolf.

  5. Exploring #Montreal with @shannonwolf. World Class Poutine eating and next level shapes! (at Montreal, Quebec)

  6. After a long ride with @shannonwolf to #Montreal we’re finally here! First day out exploring after our first sofa surfing experience. #WolfGirl (at Montréal, Canada)

  7. Currently coffee shop hopping and drawing on location exploring #Toronto. So much love for Canada! @maniccoffee

  8. My ‘True Love’ print framed, along with 2 other cat themed illustrations printed and ready for the ‘100CATS’ exhibition next week. See you all there!

  9. I have some cat themed works exhibiting next week at ‘100 Cats show’. Come along and say hi if your in the London area. Its one not miss for all you cat lover.

  10. Some of my burrito/taco loving characters that Im currently working on for @Taqado

  11. My #wip this past week had consisted of drawing burritos, tacos and my dancing gang for @Taqado.

  12. 'True Love'

    1 of 4 works towards a cat theme exhibition next month in London. Prints will be available to purchase at the show and online.

  13. 'I want to eat ALL the chubby BURRITO'S!'. #Sketchbook works.

  14. Today I started the largest commission to date. Bigger than the width of an Olympic size swimming pool. More on this soon.
    Will be also documenting on how many pencils it takes to execute this advert. ✏️

  15. My work with @brownbook magazine published. An advert I did for @creeksidedubai. #Dubai